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by Craftnfashionvdc 17 Mar 2023

Indian fashion craft has seen many ups and downs through its journey towards evolution. Indian handicrafts were in high demand since the industrialization and liberalization of the Indian economy. 

The history of Indian handicraft and handicraft clothes is more than glorious and was in high demand before the arrival of western culture and ideology. Despite this invasion by the western culture and fashion, Indian traditional clothes continued to rule the fashion culture of India as well as in the foreign fashion culture. 

Craft clothing is a fashion trend that has evolved and evolved in the fashion industry with its evolution with contemporary designs, fabric, and fashion trends. 

The fusion of handicraft clothes can be seen in daily fashion clothing in urban as well as rural India. Traditional Indian clothing style, Boho dresseshandicraft clothes are making an impressive style statement in the clothing culture of India as well as foreign. 

As per the current more n more customers across the globe are searching and making orders on handicraft stores on online stores. It just does not include Indians residing in foreign countries, it comprises foreigners too. Credits for such contribution for the elevation of craft clothing must be given to leading fashion designers and fashion houses like CraftnFashion,  well-known for designing bohemian fashion clothing and handcraft clothing range. 

Fashion craft is a very broad fashion concept that can be exercised in various domains and clothing styles of the fashion industry.

Handicraft clothes are not a mere piece of artistic fabric you are carrying on. It is a whole story of the art, artist, culture you are carrying as your style statement. It tells a lot about the land you belong to, the artistic culture you are proud of, the story of your land, it depicts the rich heritage you never want to get faded. 

Though fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, and many leading clothing fashion houses are designing clothes inspired by the craft clothing designs and clothing style. There are still some myths and delusions in people’s minds that are cultivating delusive and misleading information about traditional clothes. 

Here we are listing some fallacious and pseudo beliefs and an impression that has been conjured for our artistic and beautiful handicraft clothes. 

- Occasional Fashion

- Compromised Quality

- Outdated Fashion

Occasional Fashion 

The foremost misleading conceptualization for the craft clothing is that they are meant for special occasions only. We need to eradicate this notion about traditional clothes. 

Handicraft clothes can be worn in daily routine life, you don’t need to keep them reserved for special occasions. For example, you can wear and carry traditional Boho jackets, footwear, Boho jewelry, Boho bags with you at your office, college, or casual outings. 

All the above contemporary clothing styles and accessories are unified well with the traditional handicraft arts and designs resulting in handicraft clothes that are well to wear anywhere and anytime. 


Compromised Quality 

When someone speaks or thinks about traditional handicraft clothes or handmade clothing people often conjure it to be designed and stitched without proper cuts, measurements, or design ideas.

The truth is craft clothing gets crafted and designed with lots of attentiveness to give the comfort, style, and swag equivalent to other clothing styles. 

There are many instances where expensive and branded clothes have proven to be of bad quality and fitting. So, generalizing the entire craft clothing range as having a compromised quality is irrational and superficial.

It all depends on what you select to wear, what quality of fabric, stitching, design, cuts your designer or clothing brand is offering you. 

Although handicraft clothes can provide you the best fabric, fitting, and design as it is handmade and selectively chosen with years of years experience and utilizing the heritage science and onus of designing and tailoring that has been endured with time. 


Outdated Fashion

No fashion is outdated, believe it. The idea of fashion and style is all about wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident while wearing it. 

There have been many instances recorded in the fashion industry where many clothing styles have reappeared after getting vanished from mainstream fashion. And there are many fashion styles that have become an irreplaceable style of the fashion industry. 

Stressing about the handicraft clothes, they have never considered old fashioned or outdated. They have been a part of mainstream fashion directly or indirectly. 

A large population is wearing it in routine life without limiting it for a specific occasion. 

Handicraft clothes are extremely artistic and culturally rich art having a prosperous enduring legacy refuting the presumption of it being outdated.

In this period of digitization, online stores are becoming so popular among shoppers. To get authentically designed handicraft clothes, visit the online handicraft store of Craftnfashion. It has become the first destination for craft clothing fans who never want to compromise with style and comfort. 

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