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Craft & Fashion is one Spot Solution to Get Fragrance of Whole Indian Traditional Culture, Present Indian Fashion Which Defines the Present Indian Woman & her Aesthetics.

"Craft & Fashion" by Megh Craft Enterprise, A renowned fashion clothing and accessories brand based at Ahmedabad , Gujarat .CraftnFashion.com is a marketplace to "Discover Unique & Fusion Indian Handcrafted Products" including Indian Vintage Clothings , Handcrafted ,Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from Various Parts of India.The range includes Jackets, Skirts, Dresses and Fashion Accessories. The designer pieces have intricate designs and patterns which have been made by local artisans of Gujarat & other parts of India. The brand has also used fabrics indigenous to Gujarat and Other countires incorporated hand-embroidered work.The range will also include clutch bags and backpacks. This website is Solely Operated and Owned by MEGH CRAFT ENTERPRISE

Craft & Fashion is a dream project of two Visionary Engineers having intense interest in Rich Indian Crafts And Boho Fashion Collection . Founded in the year 2009, Craft & Fashion was the brainchild of Ms. Yogita Patel and Mr. Meghal Patel. Despite not belonging to a professional background in the retail domain, the passion for Indian cultural heritage and the will to give back to the artisans of Gujarat, propelled the founders to establish the brand.

The culture of India refers to the way of life of the people of India. India's languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, and customs differ from place to place within the country. CratnFashio.com is an attempt to Create a Platform to Invite all different Indian Culture & Traditionl to Expose them in sigth of All over the world . CraftnFashion.com is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet.

CraftnFashion.com is an attempt to create a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of India. Our Motive is to connect various local artisans & designers directly to global Platform of customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middleperson Interference & help them create/promote their brand/ Products and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. Our Belief is Reverse Marketing in which it will not only help artisans/ Art of India but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to explore today.

100% Customer Satisfaction is our motto. For more information or any queries Please write to us directly on our Email id. Feel Free to ask us if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.

“Craft & Fashion”is funded by “Megh Craft Exports" who are One of the Leading Wholesale, Exporter & Manufacturer of Fashion Apparel , Textile & Accessories .

Today the brand offers its customers a collection of contemporary and Boho Fashion clothing, Banjara Handbags and Boho Clutches, Fashion Accessories, Fusion Jewellery, Home Décor, and more. Under the Megh Craft Export banner, the brand has become an exporter of products in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Yours Faithfully,

Craft & Fashion Team

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Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals with a diverse range of industry backgrounds and a proven track record of strategic leadership. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to guide our company towards continued growth and success. Our company's fashion designing expertise embodies a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, crafting trend-setting designs that resonate with modern aesthetics while maintaining meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every piece is a work of art.