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by Craftnfashionvdc 17 Mar 2023

As a fashion enthusiast, we are always in search of something that makes us look conspicuous as well as appealing, and make us appear beautiful. 

Following fashion trends Is not easy and sometimes it’s tricky too. Style statement is not just to impress someone but it is also to express yourself. Indian fashion stores are piling with new fashion products and designs day-by-day, and to keep it up in pace, fashion bees are also keeping them updated with the latest trends. 

Fashion trends are transitory and keeping yourself updated with current trends is important too. Bohemian and hippie looks are undoubtedly full of energy and art but carrying it perfectly is important too. Short jackets for Kurti, Banjara jackets having Sitara products, Indian jackets with embroidery, are some famous trends belonging to Banjara jackets. 

Though bohemian clothes are enough on your body to make you look glamorous and fashionist, to make you appear more adorable.

Bohemian dresses are vibrant and artsy, favorable for all kinds of weather and occasions. 

Though there are some famous trends of carrying and wearing bohemian dresses, we are sharing some useful fashion tips for Indian jackets themed with bohemian art that can be carried away with bohemian attire, especially Banjara jackets.

What Are Banjara Jackets?

Banjara jackets are traditional Indian jackets. A perfect fusion of tradition and modern designs, having granular artwork, embroidered work on it. Ideal to wear traditional as well as western dresses. 

Banjara jackets come with a variety of artwork like short banjara jackets for Kurti, banjara jackets having Sitara productsbanjara jackets with embroidery, banjara jackets with glass artwork, and many more. 

With What To Get It Paired?

The wide range of Banjara jackets and Indian jackets can be paired with western as well as traditional clothes. It all depends on your mood and dressing taste. Pair it with any attire and make any boring dress look expressive and fashionable. 

If your fashion buds are craving casual jeans that look to have a vibrancy of hippie art, then you can pair this Bohemian Banjara jacket with jeans. It can do well with both a t-shirt and shirt, paired with any type of jeans. 

Feel the comfort of the skirt and artsy of Indian jacket together, and make yourself appear who is aspiring with fashion that blends art with it. Banjara jackets are making their pace reserved in Indian fashion stores, as fashion bees are falling in love with the art and style statement it bestows. 

You can also wear the Indian jacket for a youthful look with shorts if you are on a casual outing or for a party with friends or family. 

Which Pair Of Shoes Are Best With Bohemian Jackets?

If you have opted for a bohemian short jacket for Kurti, we recommend choosing from a wide range of footwear by craftnfashion, to complete your banjara look. The juttis and mojris are the perfect pair of shoes that go well if you are wearing a banjara jacket with a Kurti. 

Along with that, you can also go for flats or chappals, having ethnic touch. Make your look more adorable with a perfect pair of shoes. 

In case, you are not in a mood to go full ethnic and want to blend a banjara look with a modernist attire like skirt, denim, or skirt, you can pair it with any kind of shoes you are comfortable with. But wearing boots or high heel leather shoes with a denim paired Indian jacket will make every eye turned towards you appreciating your sense of dressing. 

Make Your Earing Express Your Beauty

It is said that small things make a difference, and it is undoubtedly true. Even if you are wearing a simple and boring dress, a pair of earrings of appropriate size and design can ultimately make you look gorgeous.

If it can make you look beautiful with the simple dress too, just imagine what miracles it can do with your look when you wear a bohemian banjara jacket having Sitara products.

Wearing midsize as well as large-sized earrings will emboss your feminine beauty glow with a traditional look and your short jacket for Kurti, or paired with any dress will appeal to your hippie vibes. 

Along with earing, you can also wear bracelets and bangles that will surely add extra beauty to your appearance. 

Don’t Let Your Hands Feel Empty

How can you even imagine going out without a purse or clutch in your hand? If you are wearing a bohemian jacket or a banjara jacket having Sitara product you can either opt for banjara purses or clutches having embroidered artwork or you can carry a midsize single-toned leather purse with a shoulder strap to carry yourself with elegance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Shop from a wide range of bohemian-banjara clothing range, accessories, footwear, and jewelry designed exclusively following authentic art forms.

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