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by Meghal 17 Mar 2023
Craft & Fashion introduces a new range of Boho Western clothes inspired by vintage collections

Craft & Fashion by Megh Craft, a renowned fashion and accessories brand based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, will be launching a new line of products to its clothing collection. The range, inspired by the vintage designs of the 1960s, has been added to its Boho Western collection. The collections have been added to both the Megh Craft Exports collection to cater to the international markets as well as “Craft & Fashion” for Indian consumers.

The range includes Jackets, Skirts, Dresses and Fashion Accessories. The designer pieces have intricate designs and patterns which have been made by local artisans of Gujarat & other parts of India. These pieces are a reflection of vintage collectibles with special Kutch Sindh’s mirror work popular in the 1960s. The brand has also used fabrics indigenous to Gujarat and Pakistan and incorporated hand-embroidered work.  The range will also include clutch bags and backpacks.

Founded in the year 2009, Craft & Fashion was the brainchild of Ms. Yogita Patel and Mr. Meghal Patel. Despite not belonging to a professional background in the retail domain, the passion for Indian cultural heritage and the will to give back to the artisans of Gujarat, propelled the founders to establish the brand.

Yogita Patel, Founder, Craft & Fashion said, “I was a Computer Engineer by trade (it is related to my education so pls use some related word not trade) but always felt a keenness toward Indian Craft and Boho fashion. I worked actively toward this pursuit and hopped on the entrepreneurial wagon with my partner to make Craft & Fashion a successful venture.”

The vision and mission of the brand extend beyond setting up a profitable enterprise. The founders wanted to give back to the society by showcasing the rich craft and culture of India to the world and empowering the artisans by offering them a platform to explore their talents and get employed.

Meghal Patel, the Co-Founder, is a management graduate with a specialization in export sales and marketing and 9 years of experience in the export industry. He said, “We have been in the industry for more than a decade and with each passing year we have diversified our line of products and expanded our clientele across international borders. We look forward to embarking on newer adventures and bridging the gap in access to Indian craft across the world.”

Today the brand offers its customers a collection of contemporary and Boho Fashion clothing, Banjara Handbags and Boho Clutches, Fashion Accessories, Fusion Jewellery, Home Décor, and more. Under the Megh Craft Export banner, the brand has become an exporter of products in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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